Savoir Vivre

Savoir Vivre's name roughly translates to "knowing how to live," and this is one company that truly embraces the meaning behind its moniker. Their line of culinary utensils are designed to help you make your wildest foodie dreams come to life using tools almost as beautiful as your actual creations. Savor the fatty deliciousness of osso buco with a marrow spoon narrow enough to ferret out every last bite of roasted perfection. Use a specially shaped porcelain dish to bake whole heads of garlic until each clove is sweet and succulent. Shred cheese for gourmet grilled pizza or a golden French omelette with an enclosed box grater that will catch every last mouthwatering scrap so that you never waste your best ingredients. When it comes to cooking up your finest culinary creations, your hands are the most important tool at your disposal. Keep your digits in top shape without sacrificing a single step in your daily mise en place using a heavy-duty oyster glove. The glove's singular purpose is to retain your usual dexterity while ensuring you emerge from pre-dinner prep completely unscathed. Watch your guests' jaws drop into their napkin-covered laps when you present a celebratory selection of caviar and accoutrements or a coveted black truffle on a serving tray designed just for that very purpose. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just love to break bread with your nearest and dearest, each and every one of Savoir Vivre's incredible array of utensils, tableware and essential serving and prep implements deserves a place on your culinary wish list.
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