Go green, but keep it convenient in the kitchen when you select Scanpan cookware. The innovative company delivers ecofriendly cooking solutions without reducing the functionality of its pots and pans. As the first manufacturing to introduce PFOA-free cookware, Scanpan is an industry leader, and the current line of Scanpan products is 100 percent PFOA and PFOS free. When you cook with Scanpan products, you have peace of mind that your family is not being exposed to the harmful chemicals inherent in traditional nonstick surfaces. Scanpan also uses recycled aluminum and other sustainable materials in its manufacturing process to reduce the overall imprint on the environment. With Scanpan, favoring the environment doesn't mean you give up functionality. In 2008, Scanpan introduced a safe, Green-Tek coating on its products, so clean up and cooking is as easy as ever. Purchase an entire set of pots and pans to outfit a new kitchen, replace unsafe products or get a young couple started in their new home. You can also select from individual products such as frying pans, sauce pans, paella pans, grills and griddles and pots for specialty purposes.

Popular Styles:

The ceramic frying pan in traditional sizes, such as 9.25 inches, is a popular Scanpan purchase. The nonstick surface of the skillets make it easy to cook eggs, grill bacon, meats and grilled sandwiches or stir-fry veggies for a healthy side. Even heating surfaces help you create perfect meals every time you turn on the stove.

Brand Features:

  • Ecofriendly cookware
  • Green-Tek nonstick coating
  • Attractive designs encourage display on shelves or pot racks
  • High-quality construction for durability

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