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Seattle's Best Coffee

With origins extending back into the 1970s, Seattle's Best Coffee didn't get its name until 1991, when it won a local coffee competition. Now a subsidiary of Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee offers great-tasting coffees at a price point that can bring a smile to your face. Each bag of Seattle's Best Coffee features a prominently placed number that indicates its level. Levels range from 1 to 5, covering the entire spectrum from light roasts to dark roasts. You simply have to choose which level appeals to you. All of the varieties work in traditional drip coffee makers. For convenience, opt for the ground coffee. You simply have to scoop it into your filter, add water and turn your coffee maker on. If you like a fresher flavor, opt for the whole beans. Grind them just before brewing your coffee for best results. For those times when you want to enjoy the taste of coffee without getting a caffeine rush, try a decaffeinated option. With its great taste and low price, Seattle's Best Coffee is certainly one of the best-selling coffees on the market.

Popular Styles:
Purchase whole bean Seattle's Best Coffee if you like to grind your own coffee, or choose ground coffee to make it easy to prepare your coffee in the mornings. Either way, you'll be able to brew a perfect cup every time.

Brand Features:
  • Seattle's Best Coffee is available as whole beans or already ground, so you can choose your favorite type.
  • The level of flavor is clearly indicated with a number on the packaging.
  • Decaffeinated options are available. These are perfect to serve at night or to family and guests who don't drink caffeinated beverages.

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