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We love a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and a little after-dinner espresso never goes amiss. If you like your coffee as strong and as often as we do, it's time to stock up on these Coffee Essentials so you can enjoy all the magic of a high-quality coffee shop in the comfort of your own home.

Leave the umbrella in the closet and shuck off your shoes—it's time to enjoy a gourmet coffee experience without even having to leave the house. Explore our full line of coffee makers and you'll discover how easy it is to play barista with the mere push of a button. Opt for a simple two-cup brewer, or go large and plan ahead to make enough for a slew of sleepy brunch guests. If you prefer your coffee short and topped with foam, get fancy and try out a cappuccino maker.

Coffee lovers who live on the go will relish the chance to buy gourmet beans pre-ground, but for those of you who love to grind as you brew, we have whole beans and grinders galore. Select a basic model or go all out and control the results so you and your guests can get the strength and body your taste buds crave. From single-serve pods to flavored syrups that make each cup something truly special, you can customize your caffeinated creation a dozen different ways.

Shop our catalog of coffee essentials and outfit yourself with everything you need to create a countertop coffee shop—cobblestone street and accents fully optional.
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