Use Sistema products to create a system for storing food in your kitchen and reduce the chance of leftovers or fresh ingredients going bad before you use them. What started as a garage business idea morphed into a global enterprise over the course of 30 years, due in part to customer-facing design innovations. The founders of Sistema recognized the challenges families face when it comes to food storage and portability, and they knew households needed a product capable of systemic storage. The company developed a series of rectangular and round storage containers designed to stack for optimal use of cabinet and refrigerator shelf space. To keep food fresh longer, Sistema integrated rubber seals and easy-to-use locking clips. The seals and clips keep air and contaminants out of food, and protect leftovers from being flavored by other items in the refrigerator. We know eating healthy is challenging, especially when you're watching your budget or are often away from home. Sistema's line of to-go products, including soup mugs with tops, insulated lunch sacks, yogurt containers and lidded plates and bowls, help you transport food without spills. Divided lunch containers, to-go cutlery and special salad containers are just some of the unique food storage containers offered by Sistema. Brand Features:
  • Freezer-safe products for fully functional food storage
  • Microwave-safe containers for fridge-to-table leftovers
  • Dishwasher-safe plastics for convenient cleanup
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