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Slow Cookers

A Slow Cooker can be a life saver for those who want a home cooked meal but are pressed for time. These handy appliances cook foods with a slow, even heat over long periods of time, resulting in foods that are moist and flavorful. Slow cookers, which are basically electric-powered Dutch ovens, are often used to make chili, pot roast and stews, but they can make a host of other dishes. Use your slow cooker to cook a brisket or pork roast for pulled pork sandwiches, or even chicken and dumplings. Toss in some raw chicken and vegetables, add some stock and seasonings, and you'll have a delicious meal ready in roughly 6 hours. Slow cookers come in sizes that are perfect for one or for a crowd, and some even have multiple sections so that you can cook several different dishes at one time. The best slow cookers will have temperature settings for high and low heat, and many also have a warming feature that will hold your food without overcooking it.

Popular Brands:

Choose brands you trust when purchase small kitchen appliances. Cuisinart, for example, offers small and large slow cookers with a trendy brushed-stainless finish. KitchenAid's slow cookers are among the best, and they offer traditional versions and ones with flip-top lids that are well suited for entertaining. Breville offers a unique slow cooker that has a quick-sear function so that you can sear meats and poultry before beginning the slow-cook cycle without having to dirty a stovetop sauté pan.
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