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Smart Planet delivers eco-friendly products that allow you to bring the joy of outdoor grilling inside and pack your favorite foods and beverages when you hit the trail. Their home innovations include easy-to-use baking equipment that encourage children and the young-at-heart alike to make their own brownies, cakes, pies and pizzas. Smart Planet's smokeless indoor barbecues let you bring your grilling inside when it rains, or enjoy cooking up hot dogs, sausages, kebabs and hamburgers any time for friends and family. Their range of healthy products also includes air poppers and vegetable steamers that deliver exceptional nutrition with few to no added calories. Eco-friendly meal kits are a great way for adults and children to pack lunches for work or school; they deliver storage space as well as utensils that feature reusable and recyclable construction, reducing your environmental impact. Collapsible meal kits take up less room in your pantry, making them ideal for larger families. The company also delivers insulated cups in a variety of designs, letting you pick the best fit for your needs. Choose a cup with a sassy look and light insulation for drinking your favorite cold beverages around the pool or select an eco-friendly bamboo cup designed to keep your coffee warm for long hours spent at the office. The incredible selection of products and cooking tools available from Smart Planet also makes it easy to find gifts for loved ones and special occasions.

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