Smoke ham, brisket or even a whole turkey for your next barbecue with one of our smokers. These easy to use outdoor cooking options come in a variety of sizes to easily fit on your back patio. Many of the smokers are available in either electric, charcoal or propane styles, providing outdoor chefs who are short on time with a quicker setup and cleanup. Select a wheeled model if you're frequently on the go or to move the smoker quickly. Larger two-grate models let you smoke a rack of ribs and a chicken all at once while you entertain your guests. The side handles allow you to quickly pick up your smoker to store for the winter and many feature a grill top with a side door for checking on your meat as it cooks.

Popular Brands:

Shop our wide selection of brands to find the right smoker to meet your needs. Weber isn't known only for charcoal grills but also for smokers. The brand's 18.5-inch smoker is a top-rated model among patio chefs. The compact size makes this smoker a perfect option for apartment dwellers or those with small yards. Featuring top and bottom vents for adjusting smoke levels. An included porcelain water bowl keeps your meats from drying out and a built-in thermometer allows for careful and safe monitoring of temperature. The fuel door allows for the easy addition of wood or charcoal, and the triple nickel-plated grates of Weber smokers last for years while providing more than enough space to smoke multiple cuts of meat at once.

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