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Le Creuset Soup & Stockpots

Soup & Stockpots are the backbone of any good cookware set, and are quite capable of handling more than just soups and stocks. These pots are generally very tall and relatively narrow, allowing them to handle large amounts of food and liquid. They are the perfect choice for cooking pasta or macaroni, which both require copious amounts of water so that they don't clump together, as well as large batches of chili, bouillabaisse, risotto or chowders. Stockpots often come with steamer inserts so you can easily cook steamed mussels, clams or lobster. A stockpot's large size also makes it the perfect choice for boiling fresh ears of corn on the cob or parboiling chicken. Stainless steel pots are quite stylish, but several manufacturers make colorful enamel-over-stainless pots that will complement your kitchen decor just as well. If you plan to do a lot of braising, look for soup and stockpots that have a nonstick interior.

Popular Brands:

We recommend that you always buy brands that you trust so that your cookware collection will last a lifetime. Calphalon is the king of nonstick soup and stockpots, and the company offers them in a variety of sizes and styles. All-Clad has several types available, including a durable stainless steel variety. Le Creuset offers a full set of stockpots and soup pots in colorful enameled steel that combine form and function and will certainly bring a splash of color to your kitchen. We also endorse the lines of cookware from celebrity chefs Rachael Ray and Paula Deen.
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