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Bring a specialty method of cooking to your kitchen with products from SousVide Supreme. Sous-vide cooking involves sealing food in an airtight bag and cooking it at a very low, highly controlled temperature. Without the right equipment sous-vide cooking can result in uncooked or unsafe food, since you prepare the food at temperatures much lower than traditional used. Meats are usually cooked, sometimes for days, in sous-vide devices at around 131 degrees F, for example. The result of sous-vide cooking is that all juices and flavors are locked into the meat and vegetables, and outer layers of the food are not overcooked. The entire product is perfectly done and juicy. SousVide Supreme products let you use this gourmet method of cooking in your own kitchen. The SousVide Supreme water oven keeps food at exactly the right temperatures over the course of many hours, delivering safe, perfectly cooked items. The vacuum sealer locks food in airtight plastic bags, preparing them for cooking in the water oven. Select from water ovens of different sizes and styles to meet your cooking and kitchen decor needs.

Popular Styles:
We know that you only have so much room in your kitchen, which is why products that serve multiple purposes are important. We think you'll find the SousVide Supreme vacuum sealer offers a number of storage uses in addition to letting you prep food for cooking in the water bath. Prep foods for storing in the refrigerator or freezer and save time and space since you aren't using a number of bulky containers.

Brand Features:

  • Limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Specialty sous-vide cooking methods
  • Multi-purpose appliances
  • Contemporary designs for modern kitchens
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