Bring extra fun and functionality into your kitchen with cute and colorful Squish collapsible kitchen tools. From colanders to mixing bowls, Squish products make basic food preparation tasks go more smoothly, and they're designed to let you expand your kitchen accessory collection without having to find lots of extra space to store your new tools. Innovative features, such as non-slip handle grips and perfectly sized drainage holes, make each piece a joy to use, and the creative design aesthetic adds an element of artistic whimsy to your collection of must-have kitchen tools. Squish bowls and colanders snap open to prevent accidental collapses while in use, and then they pop down into a compact flat shape for easy storage in a cupboard or cabinet. Over-the-sink models let you pour and drain everything from pasta to grains without using your hands, so you're free to concentrate on safely handling heavy pots and pans. Choose from small colanders that let you drain a can of beans before adding it to a pot of chili, or opt for larger colanders that make rinsing mixed salad greens simple. Complete your collection of Squish tools and accessories with cute and colorful measuring spoons and cups that guarantee you'll always have just the right amount of each ingredient in your recipe. Squish funnels and whisks deliver even more functionality to your kitchen. All of these dishwasher-safe pieces are easy to clean, and each piece comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure years of reliable use.
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