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Stand Mixers - Accessories

Stand mixers are one of the most versatile appliances for your kitchen, but special attachments make them even more useful for everyone from occasional bakers to expert cooks. With the right attachments, you can make your own pasta or enjoy fresh-squeezed juice any time you want it. We recommend these attachments for people who want to get more out of their stand mixers. Pasta attachments make it possible to enjoy restaurant-quality spaghetti, linguini and fettuccine without leaving the house. Use the attachment to make several batches of lasagna noodles so you always have them on hand for a quick meal, or create filled pastas, such as tortellini or ravioli. With a pasta roller attachment, you have complete control over the thickness of your pasta dough. Enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes by mixing two types of pasta together, or create your own customized pasta with a cutter attachment. Food grinder attachments are ideal for making bread crumbs, pureeing vegetables and grinding your own meats. Make flavorful burgers by grinding your own unique beef mixture and adding your favorite seasonings. Using a grinder attachment makes it easy to control the fat content of meat dishes, and it also gives you complete control over the texture of your meats. Make your own ice cream, custard, gelato and sorbet with an ice cream attachment. Creating these desserts at home allows you to control the flavors and ingredients, so it is easy to avoid food additives or allergens. With the right attachment, you can make up to 2 quarts of soft-serve ice cream any time you like.

Popular Brands:

It's no surprise KitchenAid is one of the most popular manufacturers of stand mixer accessories. The company produces attachments ranging from dough hooks to grain mills. KitchenAid products make cooking and baking more fun, and they also make it easier to try new dishes. Breville makes extra mixing bowls and attachments for its stainless steel stand mixers, so look for one of these attachments if you need to enhance the functionality of your Breville mixer.
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