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Stand Mixers

Whether you are mixing cake batter or homemade pizza dough, a stand mixer is one of the best investments you can make in your kitchen. This type of mixer makes it easy to perform other tasks while your ingredients are beaten, mixed or whipped, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of time it takes to make your favorite dishes. Being able to mix foods while keeping your hands free is one of the biggest benefits of using a stand mixer. Some recipes must be blended or beaten for several minutes at a time, but using a stand mixer leaves gives you the ability to work on other components of your meal while your mixer does the work. Stand mixers ensure even mixing, so you won't have to worry about crystals or lumps in your cake batters. Using a stand mixer also eliminates the need to turn the mixing bowl in different directions while you mix your ingredients. Investing in a stand mixer will make it more fun to prepare cookie dough, meringue, homemade whipped cream, frosting and a variety of doughs. The right attachments also make it easy to grind meats, make homemade pasta, mill fresh grains and create delicious frozen treats right in your very own kitchen.

Popular Brands:

KitchenAid makes one of the most popular lines of stand mixers in the world. It is easy to see why they are a customer favorite. Each mixer has a sturdy base and high-quality accessories to make it easy to have fun in the kitchen. KitchenAid mixers come in several bright colors to complement any décor. If you are looking for a high-capacity stand mixer, Cuisinart is also known for their high-quality kitchen appliances.
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