Inspired by the renowned one-dish recipes prepared in the French countryside, the founder of Staub decided to create a piece of cookware that would come to be as renowned as those recipes. Since 1974, Staub has produced enameled cast iron cookware for use on stovetops and in ovens. The colorful Dutch ovens — also known as cocottes or casserole dishes — feature triple enamel exterior finishes for a bright, luxurious look. You'll delight family and guests with the beautiful appearance of your dish at the table as well as the savory flavors you serve from the cookware. The enamel over cast iron construction delivers even heat to food so that you can slow-cook roasts, stews, chicken and vegetables to palate-pleasing perfection. Under-lid spikes ensure every portion is mouth-watering and juicy by redistributing liquid flavor during the cooking process. Over the years, Staub has grown its innovative enamel designs to create a variety of cooking tools, including grill pans, tagines and kettles. Nonstick interiors, dishwasher-safe designs and durable scratch-resistant exteriors make Staub products a staple of kitchens worldwide.

Popular Styles:
Staub is most known for its signature line of cocottes, and you can select a piece of cookware that matches your personal style and cooking needs. Select from miniature cocottes that hold a personal serving size or larger dishes that allow you to prepare family-sized casseroles and stews. Bold colors include red, black, green and white, allowing you to purchase a piece you will love displaying on your dining table or kitchen shelf.

Brand Features:
  • Dishwasher safe products
  • Innovative enameled cast iron cookware
  • Nonstick enamel interiors
  • Bright, colorful cookware for elegant presentation

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