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Dinner guests appreciate having the right tools for cutting their meat, and steak knives are a basic when you're serving guests steak or other meats that must be cut. When shopping for steak knives, you'll find that many of the best are made from one solid piece of metal, although knives with handles that are triple-riveted for added strength are also a standard among high-end knife manufacturers. The blade quality is an important consideration, so look for blades that are forged from premium stainless steel for the best performance. German-engineered stainless steel is also a good choice, and should be stamped as such on the blade. A serrated blade is great for the toughest steaks, although there are some razor-sharp steak knives on the market with straight-edge blades, too. Steak knives are sold in sets, so the number of diners that you usually serve is also important to keep in mind. Some steak knife sets are packaged in a storage case that is equipped with individual slots for each knife or a storage block that sits on the countertop, which is a nice touch that allows you to properly store the knives away when not in use.

Popular Brands:

Wusthof is a top-rated brand among home cooks when it comes to steak knives, and are known for consistently offering high-quality knives that not only stand up to use, year after year, but look good doing it. Wusthof steak knives feature triple-riveted handles that make them resilient and strong, even when cutting the toughest meat.
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