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Stonewall Kitchen began when Jonathan King decided to sell his jam at a local farmer's market. He was joined by his friend Jim Stott. King's passion for cooking and food joined Stott's penchant for selling goods, and it didn't take long before someone at the local market stumbled upon the winning duo. After a local businesswoman bought all their goods in a single day, the pair decided to move into wholesale distribution, and what is now Stonewall Kitchen was born. The company delivers a range of kitchen and cooking products that ensures chefs of all experience levels can create delicious baked goods and entrees. From doughnut and cake pop machines to premade pie fillings and pancake mixes, Stonewall Kitchen turns cooking into a delightful job with consistently fabulous results. Whip up perfect whoopie pies, flip gluten-free pancakes onto the plates of eager diners or serve scrumptious chocolate donuts with coffee or tea in the morning. Stonewall Kitchen also provides a series of rubs and seasonings to help you grill or roast meats and vegetables with intense, pleasant flavors.

Popular Styles:

One of the most popular product lines from Stonewall Kitchen is the item that started it all: Jam. You can purchase jam in single jars to ensure your favorite flavors are always on the table, or select from gift sets and collections, such as the Jam Tree.

Brand Features:

  • Many products are made in the USA
  • Family owned and passionately operated
  • Food ingredients with a long shelf life
  • Award-winning products

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