As one of the most recognized small-kitchen appliance brands in the country, Sunbeam is a name you're likely to find in almost any home. We know that affordability and functionality are important to most home chefs, but we also understand that you want a long-lasting product that will look great on your kitchen counter. That's why we're happy to carry a selection of products from Sunbeam. Traditional functionality is reimagined with the modern cook in mind through Sunbeam's latest set of appliances, which include bread machines, standing mixers and food storage solutions. Select from contemporary designs that make use of silver, black and white color schemes, making it easy to match Sunbeam products with larger appliances or decor in your kitchen. Alternatively, choose the iconic red design of the Sunbeam brand. With Sunbeam's line of stand mixers, you'll whip up batters, icings and puddings in no time without the hassle of a hand mixer. Simply slide the bowl of ingredients in place, press a button and, in a few minutes, you're done. Rinse the bowl and toss it in the dishwasher for easy clean up while your goods bake.

Popular Styles:

We know that rising food costs mean home chefs must be creative about food storage solutions, which is why we think the Sunbeam vacuum sealing system is so great. Reduce waste, break down bulk packages or keep the taste in leftovers when you vacuum food into customized portions and bags.

Brand Features:

  • Accordable quality
  • Iconic brand
  • Contemporary designs
  • Everyday functionality you can trust
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