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Sushi Chef brings the classic treat of the East to your home with tools and ingredients that make it easy to master the art of sushi making. From all-inclusive kits to traditional tools and the latest in sushi sauces, Sushi Chef gives you what you need to start down the path to sushi expertise. Use these tools to hone your skills and learn the latest techniques in rolling and preparing the popular dish. Sushi Chef tools include bamboo mats for creating delicious American-style maki rolls as well as paddles for scooping rice from your rice cooker or pot directly onto your counter. Make sushi at home with your family using the simple instructions and variety of tools and sauces included in most Sushi Chef kits. For high-quality ingredients that give you full creative control over your dishes, try the Sushi Chef line of sauces, which include dark, sweet, sesame and reduced-sodium soy as well as teriyaki and mirin sauces. Sushi Chef also offers its own Japanese-style rice, shiitake mushrooms, nori seaweed wraps and panko bread crumbs, letting you pick and choose your favorite flavors. Accents like sesame seeds, wasabi, ginger and miso soup are also available from this popular company. These ingredients all combine to make a fun and educational experience for sushi chefs of all skill levels and culinary inclinations.
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