Taylor built its knowledge-base regarding food safety and detailed temperature measurements over 160 years. George Taylor's motto in 1851 was "Accuracy first," and the company still delivers on that promise today. Taylor strives to deliver the best quality and biggest selection of precision kitchen instruments for both the residential and commercial market. We know the health of your family is an important consideration when planning meals, and we think you'll appreciate the dedication Taylor has for ensuring your foods are stored and prepared at safe temperatures. A thermometer is the only way to know with precision when meat has reached a safe serving temperature, whether your oven or grill is the right temperature for a finicky recipe or if your refrigerator is keeping foods at a safe temperature for long-term storage. Luckily, Taylor makes it easy to find all the tools you need by offering a range of oven, cooler and cooking thermometers. Whether you're making candy or roasting a turkey, Taylor thermometers help ensure you never under or overcook the meal.

Popular Styles:

We know you don't have time to deal with hard-to-read displays and slow-reacting thermometers. That's probably why Taylor's instant digital thermometers are so popular. Simply push the probe into meat, and you'll receive an instant temperature reading between 58 and 302 degrees F. The instant thermometer is a great tool when you want to check the status of cooking without losing all the heat in your oven or pot.

Brand Features:

  • Precision instruments for food safety
  • Diverse products for home and commercial use
  • Durable stainless steel construction on many products
  • Most products come with 1-year limited warranties
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