Teaposy brings ceremony back to tea service in a manner that fits all ages and cultures. Start with elegant glass teaware, because when you can see your beverage, you know what's in it. Teaposy's heat-resistant pots are made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand temperature ranges up to 300 degrees F and as low as minus 4 degrees F. After brewing tea in a transparent pot, continue the theme with glass mugs and saucers. Enhance teatime further with Blooming Posy Tea. Drop a blossom into a pot of boiling water and relax as the tea tale unfolds before your eyes. Golden petals emerge as the flower blooms, flavoring your tea with light florals accompanied by a subtle sweetness at the end of each sip. Don't have time to watch the drama unfold? Opt for a hand-sewn bag or loose-leaf teas in a variety of herbal flavors. We know one of the reasons for taking tea is to relax and ponder the world around you, which is why we love that Teaposy offers tea-themed aromatherapy products. Pour yourself a mug of something hot and soothing as your run a warm bath. Japanese bath infusions from Teaposy incorporate flowers, bathing your skin in healing antioxidants and nutrients that smooth and soften. Whether you're bathing or sipping, Teaposy products are designed to relieve stress and leave you feeling better about your world.
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