Teroforma products feature innovations from around the world, making it easy for you and your guests to discover new ways of viewing and appreciating foods and beverages. The Teroforma whiskey lover set gives you everything you need for two people to taste and savor whiskeys from local regions, such as Tennessee and Kentucky, or Irish blends and other foreign varieties. Tasting kits let you mark down the regions as you sample them and make notes about the flavor using the included maps and pads. Most kits include at least two glasses with a number of whiskey stones made from soapstone milled in Vermont. Teroforma's whiskey stones won't water down your drink the same way that ice cubes can, so you can enjoy a true whiskey-tasting experience. Teroforma also produces many other innovative products that simplify enjoying your favorite foods and beverages, making them a top name when it comes to new and interesting products for the dining table and kitchen. The fun and whimsical designs commonly featured in Teroforma products make them excellent gifts for friends and family, and high-quality construction ensures that they will last through countless dinners or tastings at home.

Brand Features:

Designs inspired by worldwide trends in beverage creation
  • Whiskey stones continue to be sourced from the country's oldest soapstone facility located in Vermont
  • High-quality glasses and accessories
  • Multiple collections let you mix and match favorite pieces
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