Designed by engineers with a passion for making your life easier, THAT! products solve common cooking and serving problems experienced by home chefs of all ages and levels. From the ThawTHAT!, which defrosts meat quickly and safely, to the ScoopTHAT!, which makes serving hard ice cream easy on the hands and wrists, THAT! products let you tackle everyday kitchen jobs with minimal mess and effort. Keep cold treats cool with the help of ChillTHAT! bowls, and look for upcoming products that help you cook, heat or drink with convenience. By drawing on materials used by companies such as Apple, THAT! brings scientific solutions to kitchen and food-related challenges.

Popular Styles:

The line of innovative products from THAT! reduces frustration across your kitchen, and we especially enjoy the convenience offered by the SpreadTHAT! butter knife. Designed to transfer your body heat to cold spreads, the knife makes it easy to smear butter or cream cheese without tearing bread.

Brand Features:

Products constructed with advanced materials for technological innovation that makes your cooking jobs easier
  • Backed by a product design firm with over 100 international awards
  • Most items are dishwasher safe

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