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The Companion Group encompasses many brands with products designed to help you enjoy your cooking experiences indoors or out. Its Charcoal Companion brand delivers tools that help you make the most of barbecuing. The Pitt Mitt is a reversible glove that allows you to handle pans and dishes up to 475 degrees F with ease. Meat claws from the same brand easily shred pulled pork and other barbecued meats for serving, and the Charcoal Companion's Stuff-A-Burger press lets you create flavorful stuffed burgers for indoor cooking or outdoor grilling. Pizzacraft gives you the Pizzeria Pronto oven, a portable outdoor pizza oven that lets you quickly create plenty of pizzas for large family gatherings. The Perfect Pizza grilling stone is a great way to ensure you get an evenly cooked pizza every time, and pizza cones from Pizzeria Pronto are an innovative way to serve up the popular dish. To keep your barbecue operating at its best, the Companion Group offers a grate oiler from Steven Raichlen, which allows you to quickly clean and prepare the grill for future use. Popular Styles: The Companion Group delivers goods designed specifically for outdoor cooking as well as implements that work equally well in your home kitchen. Break out the pizza ovens and barbecue accessories from Pizzeria Pronto and the Charcoal Companion, then head inside to enjoy food prepared with your indoor and outdoor cast-iron garlic roaster and squeezer.
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