The Great SanSaba River Pecan Company

Legends abound of things and people born in the heart of Texas, and the story of The Great SanSaba River Pecan Company lives up to the tales that came before. Somewhere in central Texas, the adventurous traveler can find a pecan grove 10,000 trees large. Tended and harvested by The Great SanSaba River Pecan Company, the pecans become the guest of honor in award-winning recipes that range from pecan pie to nutty preserves. The extraordinary taste of each of The Great SanSaba River Pecan Company products is protected by family-run processes and on-site production. Pecans are prepared, packed and shipped at facilities throughout the orchard, including sweet toppings, candy, pecan tins, bags, breads and cakes. Whether you're looking for premium pecans to include in your own recipes or want to couple delicious baked goods with coffee or tea, The Great SanSaba River Pecan Company offers a sweet solution. Use pecans, pecan-based candies or homemade baked goods as holiday gifts for friends, family, teachers and coworkers. Wow everyone at the next potluck with the quality of your pie or the crunch of your nutty candy. For the special someone in your life who seems to want for nothing, consider a gift of a preserve basket or candy box set for a birthday, anniversary or holiday.
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