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Thermometers are one of the handiest tools that you can buy for your kitchen, whether you're making a batch of your special kitchen fudge on the stovetop or baking chicken legs in the oven. A candy, canning and deep-frying thermometer lets you make sure that everything is at the right temperature for the best results, whether you're tackling your grandma's divinity recipe, deep frying homemade French fries for your kids or canning vegetables from your home garden. This type of thermometer usually hangs on the side of your pot and gives a reading on a dial. You should also consider an oven thermometer that gives a super accurate reading of the actual temperature inside your oven. Perhaps the most quintessential thermometer for your kitchen is a meat thermometer. Although designs can vary widely, the meat thermometer ensures that the meat you cook reaches the internal temperatures that are recommended by food safety experts to avoid illnesses that result from undercooked meats. Meat thermometers feature a probe that you insert into the meat at a recommended point, and a dial or digital screen will give you the temperature reading so that you can make sure the meat you serve is safe.

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Using a meat thermometer is an important part of being a responsible home cook, as it helps ensure the center of the meat has been cooked properly. We love OXO meat thermometers and we know you will too — OXO is one of the world's leading brands and has a history of making high-quality kitchen tools and products that work hard to help you keep your kitchen running at top speed. OXO thermometers feature clear, easy-to-read displays and push-button controls for ease of use.
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