Timothy's World Coffee started where all great coffee enterprises begin: with a single cafe on a street serving patrons the best brews available. Through the years, that single cafe multiplied and prospered, branching out to over 100 locations. The folks at Timothy's looked around and saw coffee needs still to be met, so they developed lines of home and business products. Today, people across the continent can brew tasty Timothy's coffee in their own homes in the brewing methods they prefer. Order whole bean or ground coffee in rich, worldly flavors such as Italian blend, hazelnut, Swiss water decaf and Rainforest Espresso®. K-Cup packs integrate quality beans with Timothy's processes to pack a flavorful punch in a small package. Select from Sugar Bush Maple, Kahlua® Original and Timothy's Original Donut Blend® to start your morning right or end your day on a high note of warmth and rich taste. Timothy's coffee is made from 100 percent Arabica beans for quality flavor. We know there's something magical about entering a traditional coffee shop, sitting on cafe chairs or sofas and drinking your cuppa among friends and loiterers. There's a time to go where the Wi-Fi flows alongside the java, but there's also a time for cozy conversations with friends at home. Serve Timothy's coffee to bring the cafe experience into the comfort of your home.
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