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Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens cook food evenly and conserve energy, making them one of the top small appliances for the kitchen. Using a toaster oven lets you cook smaller amounts of food without having to heat up your oven or broiler, making it a life saver during the warm summer months. Make dinner prep easier by using your toaster oven to defrost ingredients, toast nuts or prepare garnishes. You can also roast small batches of meat, bake potatoes or melt cheese on your favorite foods. This appliance is especially helpful when you need to prepare several dishes at one time. Simply use your oven to make the main dish and your toaster oven to prepare sides or a fresh pie for dessert. Preparing healthy meals ahead of time is easy when you roast chicken or turkey and pair it with fresh vegetables or fruits. Make fresh croutons for your salad by cutting bread into cubes and mixing it with olive oil and your favorite seasonings before toasting them in your new appliance. Turn plain bread crumbs into seasoned ones by toasting them with a little oil and sea salt. Experiment with new flavors by trying new seasonings or using a different type of bread each time. With the right toaster oven, trying new recipes is fun.

Popular Brands:

Cuisinart makes top-of-the-line toaster ovens in several different capacities, giving you plenty of options when it is time to choose a small appliance. The sleek lines and convenient controls of KitchenAid's toaster ovens give you total control over the cooking process. Many customers love Breville's stainless steel models, which are both functional and stylish.
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