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Tongs are one of the most important and most-used tools in your kitchen, and most cooks find them extremely helpful in a number of applications. From plating meals and salads to transferring ingredients to hot pans, turning food as it fries or grills and serving up any number of foods, from corn on the cob to rolls or fried chicken, you'll find yourself reaching again and again for your tongs, and your favorite brands have designed many different tongs from which you can choose for jobs big and small. The kitchen tongs you select should be based on the jobs you plan to tackle with them, whether that's serving food or flipping hamburgers on the stovetop. If you have nonstick cookware, you may need to purchase special tongs that won't scratch or damage the nonstick surface, such as silicone tongs or tongs with silicone tips. Tongs made from stainless steel are durable and strong, making them a perfect option for handling tough jobs. There are also special tongs made from wood that are specially designed for retrieving broken slices of toast from an uncooperative toaster.

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The right tongs for the right job can add invaluable functionality to your kitchen, helping you speed through preparation and serving time. We can understand why Rachael Ray tongs are always a top-seller. Rachael Ray tongs are made with silicone or feature silicone tips, and are sized just right for grasping a wide range of items, including fried meats, rolls and vegetables. The tongs are available in several sizes and colors to coordinate with Rachael Ray cookware and other kitchen essentials.
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