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When precision is important, you need the finer, thinner blades found on our best-reviewed Asian cutlery. Our customers have chosen these as their top-rated Asian-style knives, giving 4 or 5 stars for their agility and performance. Unlike traditional European or American knives, Asian-style kitchen knives are angled on both sides, providing greater precision for delicate tasks. Typically lightweight and thin, these knives are commonly used for delicate cuts of seafood, such as for sashimi or sushi. Because of the enhanced maneuverability and dual angle, these gourmet knives are ideal for peeling and paring, slicing easily through peels and skins while leaving the desired flesh intact. You'll love the dexterity afforded by these knives, which are rated among the best for peeling or coring fruits and julienning vegetables.

Asian chef's knives combine the larger blade of a traditional chef's knife with the precision angles of Asian-style blades, making them an especially versatile kitchen tool. These knives are ideal for quickly preparing vegetables for a stir-fry or slicing meat thinly for carpaccio. Optimal for small-diameter vegetables such as carrots or celery, these knives make it easy to get uniform cuts each time, ensuring even cooking. Larger or tougher vegetables, such as beets or squashes, are no match for these durable gourmet knives. Featuring double-angled blades, our best-reviewed Asian cutlery provides adaptability and functionality that cooks will appreciate. You'll carry out precision kitchen tasks with ease and confidence.

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Made in Germany and favored by chefs and cooks worldwide, Wusthof knives are built for performance. For over 200 years, Wusthof has been dedicated to providing a blade that resists staining, retains its edge for longer and is easy to sharpen. Wusthof knives are forged out of steel of the highest quality.

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