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Discover how easy it is to debone, fillet and trim with the right fillet and boning knives. We scoured our customers' boning knife reviews and chose only the highest rated, making it easy for you to find the best tools for the job--whether it's filleting a fresh-caught steelhead, prepping charcuterie or breaking down a whole chicken. The best fillet and boning knives make these delicate food prep tasks easier for new and experienced cooks alike.

Fillet knives are sharp, narrow and flexible, and are ideal for removing skin and bones from fish and poultry. The best fillet knives slide smoothly under the skin of a trout or chicken breast without tearing the meat and expertly navigate the tiny bones in a quail or pheasant for a clean, boneless result. Reach for a folding fillet knife to prep your catch at its freshest when you're in the great outdoors.

Boning knives also have thin blades, but they're less flexible, so you can put more muscle behind a cut. We love them for cutting around a joint of lamb or venison. Some of our best boning knives have narrow, straight blades that give you lots of leverage and allow you to work from many different angles. Our flexible boning knives have received great customer reviews as well, as they combine features of both styles.

The best boning knives and fillet knives are made of high-carbon, no-stain steel. Ergonomically designed handles reduce fatigue while cutting, while guards protect your fingers. Double- or triple-riveted polypropylene handles are nearly indestructible and won't chip or splinter. Many of these cutlery pieces also include sheaths for safe storage.

Popular Brands:
Wusthof cutlery is crafted in Germany to the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control. J.A. Henckels is another trusted name in cutlery, and their durable boning and fillet knives are made of ice-hardened steel with precision-honed edges.

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