Top Rated Bread Boxes

Keep your bread and baked goods fresher longer in one of our top-rated bread boxes. These boxes get a place at the table, so to speak, because of the high marks they received from our customers. These bread boxes are consistently the best-rated thanks to their attractive appearance and smart design. All of them have plenty of room for a full loaf of bread, along with an assortment of rolls, doughnuts, pastries and other baked treats that come fresh from your oven or from a bakery.

If you have stainless-steel appliances--or just like the way it looks--a stainless-steel bread box may be just the thing. Or, if your space needs a bit more color, try a red, black or white kitchen bread box. We also like the good looks of our durable ceramic bread box designs. All of these products are very lightweight and easy to carry, making it easy to store those leftover hamburger buns from your backyard barbecue. Our top-rated bread boxes also feature superior functionality. The secret to fresh bread is balance: the crust must be allowed to breathe, but too much air causes it to stale quickly. That's where our kitchen bread boxes really shine. They have secure seals that maintain a good balance; they also seal in moisture to keep the bread from drying out. Any of our customers' choices of best bread boxes would make a great gift for yourself or another bread lover in your life.

Popular Brands:
Brabantia makes a full line of home storage products that are colorful and expertly-made, and their bread boxes are no exception. Try one of the flat backed designs to give yourself a bit of extra counter space. Polder, whose motto is "quality, value and elegant design," has made very popular bread bins and other storage products since 1976.

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