Top Rated Bread Knives

These aren't just any old knives. Amateur and seasoned chefs alike have used these top-rated bread knives in their homes and given them their stamp of approval. After reading hundreds of customer reviews, we chose the knives that got 4- and 5-star ratings and compiled them for you here. You'll have no problem finding the best bread knife for your kitchen among this list of durable, lightweight, and reliable tools.

Slice crusty French bread, sourdough rolls, soft cakes, pastries and even dense bagels with ease. Materials like high-carbon steel and ice-hardened stainless steel are designed to provide long-lasting razor sharp edges that require minimal maintenance. Look for details that show superior workmanship such as a full tang, triple rivets and solid end caps. Most of these cutting tools have an angled edge and scalloped blade that are specially designed to slice through thick crust without tearing the soft crumb. Many bread knife sets include an edge guard so that you can easily store and travel with your knives. Some of our bread knife sets also include other handy accessories such as cutting boards and butter knives.

We all look for a quality blade when knife shopping, but it's easy to forget the handle. In addition to long blades, ranging from 8- to 10-inch, these cutting tools also have long handles for a secure, comfortable grip. Other top-rated bread knives have offset angled ergonomic handles that provide extra leverage. Composite handles are extra durable and won't splinter or crack.

Popular Brands:
Wustof and J.A. Henckels are both well-established, trusted names in cutlery. Their top-rated bread knives adhere to strict manufacturing and quality control standards. Imported from Germany, both companies offer decades of experience in crafting high quality cutlery. Another popular brand is Victorinox Swiss Army, the same company that produces Swiss Army Knives. Their expansion into tableware and fine cutlery has produced exceptional results.

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