Top Rated Bread Machines

We pulled together the top-rated bread machines after reading the many positive customer reviews. These have the options you want, like a 13-hour delay, and a range of settings to achieve that perfect loaf. The reason these machines earned their way onto this best-of page is that each has 20 or more 4-star ratings, and our customers' reviews make it obvious that these are the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

The beauty of making your own bread is that you control the ingredients. Pick your flour, flavor and the extras that make it special--like nuts, raisins or cinnamon. Having a bread maker at home lets you decide the color of the crust. Making a hearty loaf of sourdough? You choose if it should be dark, light or medium. Feel like pizza? Our top-rated bread machines will mix, knead and proof, so you can spend your kitchen time prepping tasty toppings instead of kneading. When the dough is ready just roll it out, load it up and toss in the oven. Low on counter space? Then a mini bread machine may fit quite nicely on a cozy kitchen counter.

Our best-rated bread machines can also accommodate gluten-free and low-carb options thanks to a plethora of programming possibilities. Most include recipe books for lots of ideas and tested recipes to get you started. Enjoy fresh, wholesome bread on your schedule with these top-rated bread machines.

Popular Brands:
To offer you top-rated bread machines, we procure the finest offerings from top-rated manufacturers. We're proud to offer brand names you know like Breadman, Cuisinart and Sunbeam, and even a few that may be new such as Zojirushi, known for having space-saving options with excellent quality.

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