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Our selection of best-reviewed canisters includes only those that are highly rated by our customers. Out of all the kitchen containers we stock, our customers like these the best. We read the reviews and created a collection of favorite storage jars and canisters to save you time and refine your search.

Your new storage jars keep food staples like rice, sugar and flour within easy reach. If you prefer, you can keep cooking utensils and other items in these containers. Stainless-steel containers add a nice touch to your kitchen. Choose sleek and modern jars or ones that have an antique, traditional look. Glass storage jars are also quite popular, especially if you like to see the ingredients inside at a glance. Try a combination of both, pairing glass with some of our stoneware storage canisters. They're available in lots of bright, cheery colors, like oregano, ruby and wheat. All our best-reviewed canisters have interiors that won't react with food, and the lids form a tight seal to block outside air and moisture. Some of these containers also include their own measuring spoons or other implements. Our storage jars come in many different sizes, so no matter what size kitchen or family you have, you can find the right jar for the job. Each good-looking and functional container, or set of containers, makes a great gift for yourself or someone else.

Popular Brands:
Calphalon has some pretty, sleek brushed stainless steel containers with clear plastic covers to let you view the contents without opening the jar. Signature Housewares stoneware containers come in several sizes and colors. Each has a high-glaze finish and decorative etchings that add a bit of traditional charm to your countertop

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