Top Rated Cheese Knives

Our cheese knife selection features only the finest cheese cutlery, highly rated by our customers. Browse our selection of slicers and knives to find the perfect tools for smoothly slicing cheese to lavish over your favorite foods. Our top-rated cheese knives are functional and attractive serving pieces for your cheese dips and other hors d'oeuvres.

A gourmet serving set lets you display are array of cheeses sure to tempt guests. Most of our cheese serving sets include multiple tools for working with both soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert and firm cheeses like manchego. Many of our cheese knife sets include accessories like cutting and serving boards. You can also choose a complete wine and cheese knife set, which adds a romantic touch to special occasions. Our customers say that our cheese knife sets make very thoughtful gifts as well.

In addition to sets, our stand-alone cheese knives have also received great reviews. Planers and slicers are quite popular; we offer flat slicers as well as hand-held models. Use this handy cheese slicer to quickly prep Swiss cheese for your burgers, or use a planer to waft delicate curls of Parmesan over your pasta. Our best cheese knives and slicers have ergonomically designed handles that fit the curl of your fingers, increasing comfort. All of our best-rated cheese knives are made of high quality materials, including high-carbon and forged steel. Many are full tang and have double- or triple-riveted handles for a lifetime of reliable use.

Popular Brands:
Wusthof has made fine cutting tools since 1814. We're proud to offer their products as part of our best cheese knives collection. J.A. Henckels is another name that's well-known and trusted. Their cheese slicers and knives are crafted of high-quality steel to exacting standards.

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