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Our list of best-reviewed chef's knives features our customer's top picks of these quintessential culinary tools. Quality cutlery can make chopping, slicing and dicing faster, more uniform and even easier on your hand, and  chef's knives in particular can make a variety of kitchen tasks simpler, from prepping mise en place to portioning proteins. Our customer's chef's knife reviews can help you decide which one will be best for you.

Since you'll likely be using this tool often, you'll want a comfortable handle and balanced feel -- they make for easier handling and reduce stress to your arm and wrist. A full-tang design is typical of a professional chef's knife, and it's a hallmark of a well-balanced knife. Bolsters and metal end pieces also contribute to overall balance. An ergonomically shaped handle enhances comfort as you work. German knives commonly feature high-carbon stainless or no-stain steel blades, which are extra hard and sharpen nicely. However, Japanese composite knives and ceramic blades tend to retain their edges longer. Our best-reviewed chef's knives also include stamped, cut and forged items. Forged blades are a popular choice in Western cooking, but stamped knives tend to be lighter in weight and commonly offer a price advantage. When it comes to selecting a size, eight inches is an effective size for a wide range of tasks, but you'll probably end up wanting multiple sizes if you cook often. If this is the case, think about getting a chef's knife set that includes a variety of sizes and styles.

Popular Brands:
Both Wusthof and Zwilling J.A. Henckels are established, reputable companies that operate out of one of the world's foremost regions for cutlery--Solingen, Germany. Each company has multiple picks featured in our best-reviewed chef's knives category. Both companies offer a wide selection of well-crafted chef's knives. They range in style from stamped cutlery for the hobby chef to precision-forged professional chef's knives.

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