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Our top-rated chef's pans are a dream when it comes to mixing sauces, custards, risotto or frying a chicken breast or eggs. We love the versatility their design provides--it makes them great for countless tasks. Many of our customers tell us in their chef's pan reviews that it's one of their most-used pieces of cookware. It's sure to be one of yours, too.

A true hybrid, professional chef pans are a mix between a deep sauce pan, a small fry pan and a saucier--making them great for an array of dishes and recipes. Deeper than a skillet and similar in shape to a saucier, a chef's pan's flared sides and wide mouth are an excellent combination to use for reductions and sauces since liquid evaporates quickly. The round shape and gently curved bottoms help ensure that all ingredients combine well when stirring with a spoon or whisk. Our best-rated chef's pans have long, ergonomic, stay-cool handles for tossing and stabilizing. A loop handle on the opposite side adds extra stability for carrying convenience on larger versions.

Chef's pans are available in a variety of sizes, including 2-, 4- and 6-quart models. Some of our top-rated pans have aluminum cores to provide superb heat conduction and responsiveness, and many are stainless steel. You'll love the nonreactive surfaces on many of these pans, especially when you're making homemade lemon curd or grandma's tomato sauce. Depending on how you plan to use your chef pan, you may want a domed, tempered glass lid to allow moisture to return to the food. Many of our best chef's pans are oven safe to 450 degrees F and have lifetime warranties.

Popular Brands:
Look for brands known for dependability, like Calphalon. Rachael Ray's line of pans feature bright colors and "grippy rubberized handles." Other top brands include Circulon, All-Clad and Chantal.

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