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Whether you need to break down a whole duck or chop a heap of vegetables for a crudite tray, our customers' cleaver reviews tell us--and we agree--these are the best cleavers and cleaver-like knives to get the job done.

Effortlessly cutting through bones and joints, meat cleavers are an essential part of the home cook's kitchen. Not only will they help you butcher poultry or meat with ease, but you can simply turn the wide, flat blade to the side and use the spine as a mallet to tenderize meat in order to break down tough connective tissues for a more tender, juicy result. Prepping a beautiful and delicious array of fruits and vegetables is a cinch with the help of a vegetable cleaver. The long, wide blade helps prevent cucumber and carrot rounds from rolling off the blade and the solid construction can easily penetrate the toughest gourds and root veggies. These vegetable knives also assist with plating, since the flat blade acts as a spatula for easy transfer from cutting board to serving platter, leaving less to clean up. Feel confident tackling whole poultry, big cuts of meat or an abundance of vegetables with our collection of top-rated cleavers.

Popular Brands:
Zwilling J.A. Henckels knives are prized by both professional chefs and home cooks and are among our customers' picks for best cleavers. Crafted in Germany for over 280 years, Zwilling J.A. Henckels' kitchen cleavers exclusively feature high-carbon stainless steel blades that resist corrosion. Each blade is evenly balanced, comfortably fitting most cooks' hands and reducing fatigue. These precision-forged blades retain their edge longer, meaning you can count on your high-performance blade staying sharp, extending the times between sharpening.

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