Top Rated Coffee Makers

A good coffee maker is essential for starting your morning off right, entertaining guests and much more. These coffee makers received top reviews from our customers thank to their overall high quality. If you're looking for a reliable coffee machine that has superior functionality and looks great on your counter, look no further than our list of top-rated coffee makers.

Large-capacity gourmet coffee makers are especially convenient when you're brewing a pot for the entire household or for a group of guests. You can also brew hot tea and hot chocolate in our large, best-reviewed coffee makers. Consider a single-serve machine if you commonly make coffee for one or two people. Our top-rated coffee makers include both Keurig-style and traditional drip machines, and both styles are easy to use. We also offer combination machines, such as a coffee maker and coffee grinder in one. You may also want to keep a handsome coffee percolator on hand for semi-formal gatherings.

Many of our coffee maker reviews focus on features like digital controls, 24-hour advance timers and cleaning indicator functions. Most of our top-rated coffee makers also feature ergonomic handles that make pouring much easier and knuckle guards to keep your fingers away from the hot carafe. You'll find that the majority of these best-rated coffee makers include charcoal filtration systems and reusable gold-tone filters to help ensure you get the finest quality in every sip. There are many different colors and styles available, so you're sure to find one that suits your kitchen decor. Our top-rated coffee makers also make ideal gifts for weddings, housewarmings and many other occasions.

Popular Brands:
Cuisinart offers several popular machines, including a fully programmable gourmet coffee maker with advanced digital controls, a grind-and-brew machine and a programmable thermal coffee maker. Both KitchenAid and Keurig offer single-cup machines for those times when just a cup or two will do.

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