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This collection of best-reviewed cookware sets includes some of the most important pieces of a well-equipped kitchen. Each of these sets have proven themselves over and over again, and received at least 20 customer reviews rated four stars or higher, and we understand why. Every home cook needs an assortment of cookware in a variety of basic sizes and shapes.

These best-rated cookware sets are available in a number of different configurations, from a three-piece set with a saucepan, lid and frying pan to large sets that include various sized saucepans with lids, saute pans, stockpots and skillets. Some of the larger sets even include other utensils such as measuring spoons or other extras. Designed for all-purpose use, these sets accommodate a variety of cooking techniques. Stainless steel cookware sets with aluminum cores or copper bottoms are extremely versatile and durable. Alternatively, hard-anodized cookware sets heat quickly and evenly, reducing hot spots that may burn foods. When looking for your new set of cookware, choose pots and pans that are well-balanced and have enough strength to prevent dents or warping. Check that the handles attach securely, are strong enough to support the pan while it's in transit and, most of all, are comfortable to hold. If you're interested in using less fat in your cooking, know that a nonstick cookware set allows you to cook using less fat and has the added virtue of being easy to clean up.

Popular Brands:
Some of the top-rated cookware sets are available from popular brands such as Paula Deen, known for its colorful, nonstick sets. Calphalon 's performance is legendary, and the durable pieces can even outlast the cook who uses them. Other popular brands include Rachel Ray, and these pieces usually have a look we'd describe as bold, fun and festive. We also feature top-rated cookware sets from Cuisinart and All-Clad, so you can rest assured that we will have the ideal set for your kitchen.

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