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We're big fans of top-rated cutlery storage solutions, since they keep our knives from roaming free in drawers, and have saved many an edge from nicks and abrasions. All of these have received excellent reviews from our customers. Each knife block and knife tray in our best-rated category has been reviewed at least 20 times by our customers and received four stars or higher in those reviews.

These unique, sleek, practical and fashionable cutlery storage systems keep your favorite cutlery within reach and in great shape for years of use. If countertop space is at a premium in your kitchen, you can store your knives in a drawer or under the cabinet. If you have the space in your kitchen, you can display your cutlery storage solution in a place where you can have quick, easy access during food prep.

The best-rated styles range from cutlery drawer storage to counter blocks in varying sizes. Whether you are shopping for knife blocks for your counter or knife trays for your drawers, you'll be able to see all of your knifes at a glance. Choose a knife drawer tray that holds seven or 14 knives. The best knife blocks hold up to 17, 19 or 22 blades, which is an excellent solution for a large cutlery collection. Display your knives by mounting them on a magnetic strip where you prepare food. You could also use a space-saving, under-cabinet swinger knife block that keeps your blade out of the way of children yet still accessible. For those who take their knives on the go, knife cases that roll are a safe and easy way to transport them.

Popular Brands:
When it comes to top-rated cutlery storage, two brands stand out above the rest. Wusthof offers excellent German workmanship in everything they make. Zwilling J.A. Henckels has been making quality knives for over 275 years, along with a number of other stainless steel cooking products.

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