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Our top-rated cutting boards protect countertops from nicks, preserve knife edges and provide a solid, stable cutting surface. Our customer's cutting board reviews highlight the popularity of durable man-made materials for the flexibility they provide when chopping ingredients and for their easy cleanup. Quality wood pieces are also popular picks for protecting knives and for their beauty. This split appeal explains why many of our customers choose to keep multiple cutting boards in their kitchens.

Made from diverse materials including hardwoods, bamboo, plastic and natural fiber composites, there are a number top rated cutting boards to choose from. The highest-rated wooden cutting boards are aesthetically appealing, stylish pieces that combine function and elegance. Whether maple, bamboo or hardwood, wood cutting surfaces have a natural beauty with attractive grains. They tend to be solid pieces that will last a long time with hand washing and proper oiling. Wood is also kind to cutlery edges, which is why we use our wooden board for high impact tasks like chopping veggies.

Our top-rated acrylic, polypropylene and plastic cutting boards are handy for chopping and mincing. Most are lightweight, dishwasher-safe, low-maintenance and easy to sanitize. Because they tend to be inexpensive or come in sets, many people use several plastic boards for different types of foods to avoid cross-contamination. We highly recommend keeping a plastic board on hand that is used strictly for cutting chicken.

Popular Styles:
Many of the most popular and best-rated cutting boards make it easy to move chopped foods into saucepans. Features include hand grips, pouring chutes or flexible construction. Other popular styles have different colors or other ways to differentiate which board is for meats, poultry and vegetables. Some popular wooden cutting boards are reversible, with one side for produce and the other for meats.

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