Top Rated Deep Fryers

Deep frying is now easier than ever thanks to our top-rated deep fryers. We've seen many customer reviews that rave about how these products are safe, clean and versatile. Use one to fry meats like chicken, steak and fish, or fry vegetables like corn, zucchini and potatoes for your next barbecue. You may need a larger turkey deep fryer that can cook a whole bird with just a little oil, and we've got that, too.

The fryers include easy-to-read etched markings on the oil reservoirs so you know exactly how much to add. Our top-rated deep fryers reach their optimal cooking temperatures in only minutes. They also include advanced safety features like breakaway cords, automatic shutoffs and protective sensors that can detect a bump or spill. The mesh baskets have a very large capacity, and are built to last. Our best deep fat fryers feature permanent filters that keep any remaining food debris away from the cooking area. Many of the parts are dishwasher safe or easy to clean, while the exteriors are made of attractive, durable high-quality stainless steel.

The advanced controls on these top-rated deep fryers are large and easy to use, and they're far enough away from the cooking area to protect your hands from the heat. We also offer convenient accessories like temperature thermometers and additional safety lids. For dinner time or game time, count on our top-rated deep fryers.

Popular Brands:
Waring deep fryers feature breakaway cords for safety and enamel-coated oil containers. They also have attractive brushed stainless steel exteriors. Cuisinart deep fat fryers include charcoal filters that block steam and odors and require only one liter of oil. The very popular Emeril deep fryer can hold up to 3.3 liters of oil, and it has a built-in storage feature for unused oil.

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