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Whether you're making a hollandaise to top Eggs Benedict or a dark chocolate dipping sauce for biscotti, these best-reviewed double boilers are a great addition to any home cook's kitchen. These top-rated products already come with a stamp of approval from our customers. Made from heat-distributive stainless steel and ready for batches of up to two quarts, these double boilers are great for a variety of occasions when you need subtle heat to make hollandaise or temper chocolate. Regardless of the size or material best suited to your needs, our double boiler reviews can help you pick out the product that's right for your kitchen.

A double boiler permits even, indirect heating of food by way of steam from a lower pan. This steam heat provides a lower temperature and prevents exposure to direct heat, which helps keep delicate ingredients from breaking or scalding. Cream sauces, egg sauces, custards and cheese sauces are just some of the delicious recipes that call for stainless steel or nonstick double boilers. Our favorite: chocolate-dipped strawberries. Heat the water in the bottom pan to steaming, but not boiling; then melt the chocolate over the gentle heat in the top pan, stirring constantly. When melted, remove from heat and dip in ripe strawberries for a mouthwatering treat.

Popular Styles:
Double boilers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One with a rounded bowl lets you whisk efficiently, while those with straight sides channel the steam well. Layered steel technology provides excellent durability, and a nonstick surface makes for easy cleanup. Sizes and handle length should be taken into consideration. A double boiler set is a good way to ensure you have the right size for any occasion.

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