Top Rated Food Processors

We've scoured our customers' food processor reviews to find the ones that work well in real kitchens. These small appliances are irreplaceable when you need to roughly chop dry ingredients, cut butter into a flour mixture for pastry dough, smoothly puree beans for hummus or make a quick salsa. Some of our top-reviewed food processors can even take on big tasks like kneading yeast doughs. 

A food processor's motor and wattage are key when it comes to power and endurance. A mini food processor with a small motor is all you need for simple pico de gallo or chopping up a cup of nuts for a dozen cookies. If you've got room for something bigger and you cook a lot, 9-cup units are some of the most effective for a wide range of tasks. If you make batches of bread dough on a regular basis, you'll likely want a very large capacity unit with a powerful motor. For times like these, look at our customers' reviews of high-end or even professional-grade food processors.

When it comes to attachments, the best-rated food processors usually feature an S-shaped blade for chopping. Larger units commonly come with various additional discs for other cutting settings such as julienne, grate or fine shred. Some even have plastic blades that are just right for kneading dough--a great advantage for sticky brioche or ciabatta.

Popular Brands:
Cuisinart introduced the first food processor for home use in the 1970s, and many of their models are among our best-rated food processors today. Since then, they've focused on innovations and education to help professional chefs and home cooks alike make the most of their kitchen appliances. KitchenAid is another time-honored brand. Since 1919, they've been creating small appliances that inspire, from their iconic stand-mixer to many of our top-rated food processors.

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