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These best-reviewed grills received at least four out of five stars from our knowledgeable customers. We love these handy tools for their versatility and the extra cooking space they provide. If you only cook for one or two people on a regular basis, an electric griddle with about 120 square inches of cooking surface will probably suit your everyday needs. With that amount of space, you can easily cook two large flapjacks or three fried eggs at the same time. If you want to use your indoor grill for a large family or group, you might want twice as much space, or approximately 240 square inches -- enough for four flapjacks at a time or six fried eggs.

Some of our top-rated grills feature a lid with a heating element. This allows you to use your grill as a panini press or to use the float function for open-faced melts. Dual heating elements also give you the option of cooking two foods at different temperatures or keeping finished dishes warm while you finish up the rest of the meal. Some of our indoor grills feature grill plates that flip, giving you two cooking surface styles. One side is a traditional flat griddle surface, and the other is grooved for steaks and burgers. These are great options for getting the most out of your electric griddle.

Many of our electric griddles and indoor grills offer features that make cleanup quicker, including grease trays, splatter guards and nonstick cooking surfaces. Nonstick cooking surfaces also reduce the amount of fat you need to use.

Popular Brands:
Cuisinart, Broil King and Breville have all made a name for themselves as some of the most trusted manufacturers of kitchen appliances. These versatile companies supply a wide range of culinary products, including some of our best-reviewed grills.

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