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Our customers love to grill, smoke and sear, and these top-rated grilling tool sets received rave reviews. Having the best tools at your fingertips makes barbecuing more enjoyable, productive and delicious, and we think you'll enjoy adding these customer-favorite sets to your grilling lineup.

Barbecue sets can include a wide range of items, so think about what you often cook before deciding what you need. Many sets come complete with a carrying case that provides a tidy place to store your valuable tools when they're not in use. Materials matter when you're selecting your grilling tool set. Aluminum is a lightweight option, but the sets that earn the best grilling tool set reviews feature durable stainless steel and wooden handles. Stainless steel resists rust and is suitable for long-term use. A wood handle looks attractive and conducts heat rather slowly, providing a comfortable tool to use over a fire. As you look at which set might be the best grilling tool set for you, look at the number of pieces in the group. We offer sets with just two pieces all the way up to large sets that include everything from flippers and forks to kabob skewers.

Popular Styles:
Of course, few tools move foods from grill to platter with as much ease as a good pair of tongs. Tongs are invaluable for flipping barbecue chicken breasts or rotating grilled zucchini spears. A large fork is another helpful addition to a barbecue set, and you can use it to flip, rotate, serve and to stabilize a cut of meat as you carve. Likewise, a broad spatula for flipping and moving foods a convenient addition to some of the best grilling tool sets. A basting brush with a long handle is an essential for delectable sauces. For a style that's more unique but nonetheless useful, a pig tail food flipper features a c-shaped hook at the end of a handle and usually has lengthy handles to keep you well away from the heat of the grill.

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