Top Rated Hand Blenders

Our best rated hand blenders have all received rave reviews from our customers. These these devices are versatile, durable and attractive. Many of our customers' hand blender reviews highlight the variety of dishes you can create with these blenders, from simple homemade applesauce and ketchup to banana ice cream and fruit fillings. They're also ideal for mixing batters, crushing ice cubes and pureeing creamy soups right in the pot.

Many of our hand food blenders also include plastic blending jars, choppers, whisks and other attachments for pureeing vegetables, chopping herbs and nuts, whipping cream and other tasks. These devices are very easy to handle; they're portable and small enough to store in almost any kitchen drawer. You'll be surprised at how powerful they are. These electric hand blenders have motors of up to 200 watts, allowing them to work through even tough foods like frozen berries.

Versatile and powerful, our top rated immersion blenders are also comfortable to use and attractive. Most have easy-to-use controls and cushioned, easy-grip handles. Some of our best rated hand blenders are cordless and quick-charging, while others have a built-in cable storage space. In addition to classic brushed stainless-steel finishes, you can also choose from many different colors and finishes of electric hand blenders, including ice blue, chocolate cherry and sugar plum. Our best rated hand blenders also make great gifts. 

Popular Styles:

Immersion blenders with low and high speeds and splatter-less designs are popular among smoothie and cocktail makers. Many of these hand-held blenders also include full one-year or three-year warranties. Slimmer models with long blending shafts make reaching the bottom of narrow pitchers easy. The 3-in-1 immersion blenders that include attachments for chopping, beating, mixing and blending are popular, too.

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