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Our customer's best-reviewed hand-mixers are powerful, versatile and attractive. Use them to create delicious desserts like devil's food cake, lemon meringue pie or decadent chocolate mousse. These top-rated hand mixers are also workhorses when it comes to everyday cooking tasks like whisking eggs, mixing cornbread batter or making fluffy whipped potatoes. The best hand mixers do the hard work for you, saving you time and energy.

Our customers give high ratings for functionality, and many of our top-rated hand mixers have full swivel controls that enable you to easily work from almost any angle. This same versatility can be found in the speed controls that offer up to nine different options, and the special low-speed setting that reduces splattering as the beaters speed up and slow down. All of the top kitchen hand mixers have powerful yet surprisingly quiet motors of up to 300 watts and speeds up to 1200 rpm. Our best-reviewed hand mixers are made of lightweight materials and are well balanced so your wrists don't become fatigued. The beaters are strong, yet easy to eject, and most are dishwasher safe.

Our top hand mixers are available in many colors, including white, silver, sugar plum and champagne pink, and many have comfortable, soft-grip handles and easy-to-use controls. These electric hand mixers also feature useful accessories such as spatulas, protective cases, additional beater attachments and recipe ideas. 

Popular Brands:
Cuisinart has been in the business of high-quality small kitchen appliances since 1973, and the brand has received the endorsement of some of the top names in the culinary world. High-quality hand mixers were a natural extension for KitchenAid, a company that has been almost synonymous with stand mixers since 1919.

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