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If you're looking for healthy beverage alternatives, check out our juicer reviews to see what our customers are saying about our top-rated juicers. Whether you enjoy a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning or want to start a juicing regimen, one of our 4- or 5-star juicers will fit the bill.

Many of our best-reviewed juicers feature extra-wide feed tubes that allow you to work with large pieces of fruit or vegetables. Multiple speed settings accommodate harder or softer ingredients. Powerful motors help to break through pulp, and large capacity storing and serving containers make sure you can savor every drop by preventing waste. Some models even separate froth and filter out pulp. Many of our best-rated juicers deliver 8 ounces of juice in about five seconds. They're also less messy and relatively easy to clean.

Well-built electric juicers provide healthy, fresh drinks quickly with little effort. Models today fall into three main categories: traditional presses, juice extractors that use centrifugal force and masticating juicers that crush and grind fruits and vegetables. Press machines, particularly the top-rated ones, use a spherical reamer cone with ridges to crush the inner fruit flesh and a lever-operated mechanism to press the fruit into the cone. For maximum results, try a centrifugal juicer. This type spins the ingredients at top speeds while a spinning disk cuts and grates the material. Slow juicers, also called masticating juicers, slowly crush and grind the ingredients resulting in a smooth, pulp-filled juice.

Popular Brands:
Our best-reviewed juicers come from the best brands. Popular names like Cuisinart, Waring and Breville offer top-rated juicers.

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